The school provides excellent opportunities for the development of sporting competence in children. Games are compulsory. Competitions are conducted in four houses to enable better participation and good competitive spirit.

House System:

All curricular and co-curricular activities of the school are planned House-wise. It gives opportunities for participation to all pupils. The pupils are grouped into 4 Houses, named after 4 great Saints – Marie Poussepin (Green), Catherine (Yellow), Thomas Aquinas (Red) and Dominic (Blue). Each House is headed by House Captains from among the pupils and House Master / House Mistress from the staff. The House trains the pupils in active leadership and promotes healthy competitive spirit. Inter-House competitions are organized for the same.


Karate is Marshall Art developed in Ryukyu Islands what is now known as Okinawa Japan. The goal of Marshall training is not merely learning how to fight. Self-defence skill is important but there is more to it in marshal art training. Complete marshal artist tries to improve physically, mentally and spiritually while polishing compact skills. Our students are always taught to do their upmost in everything. Strive for excellence is our way of life and the spirit of Marshall Arts.


The innovative skating program is the perfect fit for physical education programme. It not only teaches self discipline and balancing but also builds confidence. Children are never so excited to be in physical education classes than in skating class. Every class is allotted one class per week to learn skating under the guidance of a well trained master.


Yoga education programmes are comprehensive theme based curriculums that lay foundation for lifetime wellness by focusing on health and life skills. Yoga classes are to empower students with yoga insipired-excercises. It helps the students to develop body and mind awareness and the ability to nurture their own well being.

Dance And Music:

Marie Poussepin’s Academy aims at integrated growth and development of personality in pupils. The school provides facility in visual and performing art (dance, music and art). Dance and music classes are arranged on a regular basis to enable the students to unify their life. From standard one onwards three periods are allotted per week for the same.

The club activities:

Nature Club, Music Club, Dramatics Club, Dance Club, Quiz Club, Reading Club, Science Club, Philately Club, Art Club, Craft Club, Maths Club and Oratory Club activities are conducted once a week.