A Day at Marie Poussepin’s Academy


At Marie Poussepin’s Academy the day begins with the echoing sound of the first bell at 8.15 a.m. The day begins with a vibrant prayer to invoke God’s presence in every act of the day. The school assembly conducted by the students of each class in turn gives them confidence to manage all situations. Public speaking and various performances on the stage boost up their talents and wipe away stage fright. Presentations and skits give awareness of the relevant issues. Important news reports are prepared and read by the students in the assembly. Students express their leadership qualities through academic and co-curricular events. There are eight periods daily with a zero hour which is utilized for different curricular and co-curricular activities. Learning is made a joyful experience through practical knowledge, better understanding, sharing and caring. Every moment in Marie Poussepin’s Academy is a celebration. A day in Marie Poussepin’s is a joyful living for every student preparing them for a better tomorrow.