Marie Poussepin’s Academy is dedicated to Jesus the Supreme Guru, the light of wisdom who illumines every person that comes in contact with this institution.
Blessed Marie Poussepin the Foundress of the DominicaPatronn Sisters of the Presentation was born in 1663 in France who dedicated her whole life to eliminate ignorance from the people of her time is our source of inspiration and challenge to commit ourselves for the great cause of education that leads to the integral development of the personality of every child and to make him / her committed to the service of God and to the nation, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. She hails from a noble business family of France. She was introduced to hard work, sensitivity to the needs of the people around her, especially to the poor in the footsteps of Jesus the great master especially by her mother. Marie Poussepin was very intelligent, her intelligence was more practical than speculative, filled with common sense and trust in the value of work. She dedicated herself for the education of the children, youth, care for the sick and the poor. She was a woman of great vision, and had great capacity to face challenges and take risks. She was a woman of serenity and inspired confidence. She loved harmony in life, in nature and in beings.